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Decoding Spaces GbR

“… a direction seems clear: to design environments not by the initial specification of real surfaces but by specification of the desired (potential) experience in space…”

M. Benedikt, 1979

Decoding Spaces GbR is an company specialized on the analysis and generation of architectural and urban space using computational methods. In particular we are dealing with the optimization of spatial layouts (buildings and urban masterplans) according to the allocation of functions, movement patterns, orientation, wayfinding and spatial experience. Therefore we are applying methods and insights from architectural and urban design, psychology, sociology, geography and informatics.

Additionally to the consulting of different stakeholders (architects, urban planners, research institutes) we are developing software for the analysis and generation of spatial layouts. We are developing software solutions for client-specific problems as well as for general usage. Software for general usage can be downloaded for free on this website.