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Decoding Spaces Components for Grasshopper (Rhino)

Decoding Spaces Components is a set of spatial analysis components for Grasshopper (a parametric modeling plugin for Rhino 3D). It provides a graph-analysis for segment maps and different visibility analysis methods (Isovists, Isovist Fields and Visibility Graphs).




Martin Bielik, Sven Schneider, Reinhard König
in cooperation with the chair Computer Science in Architecture (Prof. Dr. Donath).


Segment Analysis:

The Graph-Components allow to generate graphs from line-drawings and analyse these graphs according to familiar graph-measures. The line-drawings are interpreted as segment maps using the Filter Geometry Component. The derivable graph measures are closeness centrality and betweenness centrality (in Space Syntax terminology: integration and choice). The measures can be calculated for different radii to consider differences in mobility ranges of different actors (pedestrian, car).


Isovist Analysis:

The Isovist component allows to generate isovists-polygons from given vantage points. Measures like Area, Perimeter, Compactness and Occlusivity are additional outputs.


Isovist Fields (GPU-accelerated):

The IsovistField-Component calculates Isovist-Measures (Area, Perimeter, Compactness, Occlusivity, MinRadial, MaxRadial) for a given set of points.


Visibility Graph Analysis:

The Visibility Graph Component generates a bidirectional graph based on a set of points and obstacle lines. It calculates the total depth for all nodes. The video shows the Visibility Graph Component at around 1:45. At around 3:15 it is demonstrated how it can be used to create circulation diagrams by using the mid-point of doors as graph-nodes.



Requires Rhino 5.0 and Grasshopper v. 0.9.0006 or higher
(Some functionalities are supperted only by nVidia Graphic cards)






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Bielik, M., Schneider S. & Koenig R. (2012).  Parametric Urban Patterns - Exploring and integrating graph-based spatial properties in parametric urban modelling. Proceedings of the 30th International Conference onEducation and research in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe (eCAADe), Prague, Czech Republic.